[infrastructure] Re: [development] Drupal 4.5 unsupported

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Mon May 29 11:59:26 UTC 2006

Op maandag 29 mei 2006 12:35, schreef Karoly Negyesi:
> Ber is likely to  
> lend a hand in supporting, and so do I and very likely a horde of other  
> people who are paid to keep these sites alive. 4.6 was the first to live  
> in the "Drupal boom" era.

Correct. And I am rather surprised that no-one does this for 4.5. The amount 
of people stumbling in on this 4.5 thread shows that there clearly is a 
"market" for 4.5. So: where are those that want to take that market? Where 
are those with the itch for maintaining 4.5? Is it just a matter of getting 
all these people together? 


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