[development] New UI for selecting project taxonomy: please clear your browser cache

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Mon May 29 18:27:06 UTC 2006

at the request of killes (and others), i've changed the UI on the  
project node editing page regarding how you select the taxonomy terms  
that apply to your project.  the new UI enforces that you select a  
single top-level term (module, theme, translation, etc) by presenting  
those as radio buttons.  if you select "module", you can still  
further classify your project with the various categories of modules  
(administration, mail, etc) using a multi-select box.

however, the new UI makes use of some changes in the project.css  
file, so things will look a little funny until you clear your browser  

for the full story, see http://drupal.org/node/64221

if anyone has any trouble, please just re-open that issue.

-derek (dww)

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