[infrastructure] Re: [development] Drupal 4.5 unsupported

blogdiva at culturekitchen.com blogdiva at culturekitchen.com
Tue May 30 23:17:45 UTC 2006

I will definitely check out the post. Thanks.

On  30.May.2006, at 09:59, Khalid B wrote:

> On 5/30/06, blogdiva at culturekitchen.com  
> <blogdiva at culturekitchen.com> wrote:
>> That's an awesome question. I'd like to hear from developers and the
>> people in the marketing team. The question is at the core of what I
>> feel Drupal is overlooking at the moment --code freezes.
> Code freezes do happen. Once we have a release, its API does not  
> change
> (may be a tiny bit occasionally, but not normally).
> What we do not freeze is APIs between releases. How can we move  
> forward
> from 4.7 to 6.6 with the API remaining the same? Where would the new
> stuff go? Are you advocating we keep APIs forever?
> Read my comment here on where the energy should be focussed  
> (migration tools,
> transitional releases, and compatibility layers).
> http://baheyeldin.com/node/617

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