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Tue May 30 05:26:56 UTC 2006

Hi Ber,

It's been fascinating to follow this whole thread. I am not so much  
on the market for 4.5 as I am on the market on making Drupal easier  
and more cost effective to use and maintain.

Laura sent just popped this page after this discussion


And it sent shivers down my spine with its conclusion :

>    6. Therefore, people adopting Drupal for their web or CMS  
> project should plan for periodic upgrades of their project to the  
> latest major release (every 6-12 months) in order to benefit from  
> the ongoing active support of one of the finest open source  
> development communities.

If you won't code freeze that means I have to do with my sites. The  
problem is that there is no structure in place at all for people like  
me or Peter to effectively do so. I don't know what the answer to  
this issue is, but I know the issue is big enough for me to have  
pondered this for the past 4 months.

I've spent a lot of time smoothing the fuglies out of my sites. You  
know Drupal sites because they never look quite done. The devil is in  
the details and a lot of detailing gets brushed aside for  
functionality. For someone who actually hates spending time on the  
little things, I actually wished it were the little things, the  
details, that moved Drupal's development.

Which is why upgrading is costly. When you've tweaked things in 20,  
30, 50 heres and theres, writing over them for the next decimal  
upgrade becomes prohibitive. It's time and money gone completely out  
of the window.

 From a consultant's perspective this is great because it ensures  
you're gonna get paid for a while. Form the point of view of a small  
publisher, the problem is terrible.

The promise of using Drupal, after all the research I did almost 1.5  
years ago, was that its CivicSpace distro would make it possible for  
people like me to run community sites for not much more than the cost  
of running a blog. I knew it was going to be a bit more than that but  
not this much.

Again, I don't have an answer to this issue. i just want to put out  

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On  29.May.2006, at 07:59, Bèr Kessels wrote:

> Op maandag 29 mei 2006 12:35, schreef Karoly Negyesi:
>> Ber is likely to
>> lend a hand in supporting, and so do I and very likely a horde of  
>> other
>> people who are paid to keep these sites alive. 4.6 was the first  
>> to live
>> in the "Drupal boom" era.
> Correct. And I am rather surprised that no-one does this for 4.5.  
> The amount
> of people stumbling in on this 4.5 thread shows that there clearly  
> is a
> "market" for 4.5. So: where are those that want to take that  
> market? Where
> are those with the itch for maintaining 4.5? Is it just a matter of  
> getting
> all these people together?
> Bèr

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