[development] RFC: debate on branches and versions in the new release system

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Wed Nov 1 23:21:13 UTC 2006

a healthy debate has sprung up between kjartan and myself on what the  
"main" branches compatible with a given version of core (e.g. the  
"DRUPAL-5" branches) should mean in the new release system.  after a  
few email exchanges and a few debates on IRC, it seems like dries,  
webchick, and a few others are fairly happy with the current  
implementation.  however, dries suggested i write up the debate and  
send it to the devel list for input...

request for comments:

-derek (dww)

p.s. this is one of the *last* things standing in the way of  
deploying the new system.  all the major reviews are now done, and  
i've only got a few hours of touch-up work to do.  once this debate  
is resolved and i finish off these minor updates, documentation is  
the only thing standing between us and the happy new world of  
versioned releases. ;)  therefore, please speak-up soon if you care  
about this debate, since the window for discussion will be relatively  
short.  thanks.

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