[development] Upload pictures directly from node (not from EDITpage)

Metzler, David metzlerd at evergreen.edu
Thu Nov 2 16:00:48 UTC 2006

For the future: 
This type of question is best answered on the support list. I'm on both
lists, so I'd be happy to coninue this discussion on the support list if
you don't mind.
If you're clear (from the support list) that drupal doesn't do what
you're looking for you might consider adding a feature request on drupal
an appropriate contrib module? 
In regards to your question: 
Img_assist (image assist) module is provides the functionality, but its
still from the edit page.  Can't really answer your question without
1. What would you want drupal to do with the images attached to a node?
In what way are they attached?  If you don't have an editing context,
how would drupal know where to put the image on the page? 
2. What is the problem with doing this on the edit page? 
3.  Have you thought of this problem on other ways?  Are you trying to
create a gallery (there are modules for that), or are you trying to
publish a page, or upload an image for use within a page? 
4.  Are you familiar with the wysiwig editors used in drupal such as
tincymce? These may offer features that you're looking for. 


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i followed the support list for some time, but this is my first post, so
first of all my big up 
to all the people who use their for making Drupal a better place :) 

My support question: Upload pictures directly from node (not from EDIT

can anyone tell if there actually is a way to let users upload/attach
images to posts (nodes) directly from the node page? 

Now all (?) the image modules require users to go through the EDIT form.
What i mean instead is the very classic/basic "upload an image" field
*directly* on node page. 

The closest thing i found is the Image_tab.module: it adds an "add
images" tab to the desired nodes. Still i reckon the easiest thing for
users is the upload form on node page. Also the module is still cvs and
not finalized for 4.7 yet and quite buggy... 

Please, any hint greatly apreciated! 


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