[development] Inventory Management module

"Schultz Consult - [René Madsen]" drupal-devel at schultzconsult.dk
Fri Nov 3 08:00:57 UTC 2006

Simon Lindsay skrev:
> I've just used taxonomy for organisation/grouping, and these modules 
> http://drupal.org/project/directory and particularly
> http://drupal.org/project/refine_by_taxo
> Will work with that quite well. For example choosing CPU, then AMD, 
> then Dual Core, and then only being presented with the 4 Dual core CPU's.
Looks good, but how is it integrated with the e-commerce module?
The inventory management modul is very much integrated into the 
e-commerce module and gives you a very powerful way of seeing stats 
about sales, since the the integration.
> Its built and we use it to import daily from a .csv of 40k lines from 
> multiple suppliers, thus keeping pricing up to date on a daily basis.
The same with the inventory management module ;-)

But I see duplicats in the erp_item = e-commerce product module, correct 
me if I'm wrong?

Best Regards

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