[development] Inventory Management module

Simon Lindsay simon at iseek.biz
Thu Nov 2 23:30:39 UTC 2006

Schultz Consult - [René Madsen] wrote:
> Maybe, we can put some of the functionality together, since the 
> inventory management module, does handle items/goods/services in a more 
> sales friendly way. The module is aiming to help the sales presentation 
> and to help you with organize the products/inventory in groups based on 
> item classes, item sub classes and manufactures .

I've just used taxonomy for organisation/grouping, and these modules 
http://drupal.org/project/directory and particularly

Will work with that quite well. For example choosing CPU, then AMD, then 
Dual Core, and then only being presented with the 4 Dual core CPU's.

Similar to how this site uses the car choices you make to narrow down 
the results when you click on the links on the left. 

> The module also enables you to import prices, stock value, weight, ean 
> numbers from csv/txt files.
> It also enables you to check if any supplier have got any new products 
> in any given item class or from any given manufacturer.

Similarly, the erp "item" module does complete import from CSV, creating 
nodes and also assigning taxonomy terms as best it can for manufacturer 
& category.

function erp_item_import in this file.


Its built and we use it to import daily from a .csv of 40k lines from 
multiple suppliers, thus keeping pricing up to date on a daily basis.


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