[development] Inventory Management module

"Schultz Consult - [René Madsen]" drupal-devel at schultzconsult.dk
Thu Nov 2 21:32:39 UTC 2006

Simon Lindsay skrev:
> Khalid B wrote:
>> Have you looked at the ERP module? I recall it having an inventory
>> module. Perhaps some pooling of effort would be more appropriate?
> We do inventory tracking with purchase orders, goods receipt, serial 
> number tracking, invoices etc.
> Well, almost. Its about 90% built. Bugfixing and Testing needs to be 
> done.
> I've just done a huge number of changes to remove namespace/module 
> name clashes with anything else (all modules are now erp_* and all 
> functions should be erp_* or _erp* as well as adding some basic 
> accounting sort of stuff to produce sales reports.
> We don't yet integrate with ecommerce, but the changes just done are 
> the first step in being able to do that.
> I think an xmlrpc interface between the two, so that ecommerce can be 
> on the live site, and erp at the back end might be the best way to go, 
> with the option to have them on the same machine of course. Any other 
> thoughts?
> We're using part of the erp package to run our business already (job 
> tracking), but i hope to be moving over to actually using the rest of 
> the modules in the very near future, so I can ditch horrible, slow, 
> quickbooks/myob.
> There is still a way to go, and I have a lot more ideas on what is 
> needed in addition to what is already being done, but its getting there.
> Simon
It's a very good idea.
Maybe, we can put some of the functionality together, since the 
inventory management module, does handle items/goods/services in a more 
sales friendly way. The module is aiming to help the sales presentation 
and to help you with organize the products/inventory in groups based on 
item classes, item sub classes and manufactures .

The module also enables you to import prices, stock value, weight, ean 
numbers from csv/txt files.
It also enables you to check if any supplier have got any new products 
in any given item class or from any given manufacturer.

Best Regards

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