[development] Inventory Management module

Simon Lindsay simon at iseek.biz
Thu Nov 2 21:20:39 UTC 2006

Khalid B wrote:
> Have you looked at the ERP module? I recall it having an inventory
> module. Perhaps some pooling of effort would be more appropriate?

We do inventory tracking with purchase orders, goods receipt, serial 
number tracking, invoices etc.

Well, almost. Its about 90% built. Bugfixing and Testing needs to be done.

I've just done a huge number of changes to remove namespace/module name 
clashes with anything else (all modules are now erp_* and all functions 
should be erp_* or _erp* as well as adding some basic accounting sort of 
stuff to produce sales reports.

We don't yet integrate with ecommerce, but the changes just done are the 
first step in being able to do that.

I think an xmlrpc interface between the two, so that ecommerce can be on 
the live site, and erp at the back end might be the best way to go, with 
the option to have them on the same machine of course. Any other thoughts?

We're using part of the erp package to run our business already (job 
tracking), but i hope to be moving over to actually using the rest of 
the modules in the very near future, so I can ditch horrible, slow, 

There is still a way to go, and I have a lot more ideas on what is 
needed in addition to what is already being done, but its getting there.


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