[development] Inventory Management module

"Schultz Consult - [René Madsen]" drupal-devel at schultzconsult.dk
Thu Nov 2 20:54:00 UTC 2006

Jason Flatt skrev:
> On Thursday 02 November 2006 06:34, Khalid B wrote:
>> Have you looked at the ERP module? I recall it having an inventory
>> module. Perhaps some pooling of effort would be more appropriate?
Yes I have looked at the ERP module. As I see it, it does not integrate 
with the existing e-commerce module, but it's just my opinion.

The inventory management module does integrate with the e-commerce modul 
and extend it with additional features.

The ERP module is a very good idea, but I don't see any reason for 
making a partly duplicate of the e-commerce module by making a new 
system to create invoices in.

What the inventory management modul does and the ERP module does is two 
different things.
I would like suggestions about what should be changed in the description 
to tell the differences and, what my module actually does.

But if the ERP module would be more integrated with the e-commerce 
module, it will be more powerful.

A pooling of effort might be a solution for both modules.

Best Regards

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