[development] tracking projects via CVS

Ray Zimmerman rz10 at cornell.edu
Tue Nov 14 15:02:40 UTC 2006

First, a big thanks to Derek and other contributors for the new  
release system. Definitely a big step forward.

However, if I understand correctly, it does mean I have to change my  
way of tracking projects and keeping my site up-to-date. I'm running  
a site on 4.7 and have been in the habit of watching the CVS commit  
feeds for core and certain contrib projects for commits to the  
DRUPAL-4-7 branch. I've been doing regular CVS updates to a  
DRUPAL-4-7 checkout to keep in sync with the latest stable versions  
of everything.

If I understand correctly, this branch can no longer be assumed to be  
stable, correct?  For example, I believe there was a 1.0 release of  
the Views module and now the 4.7 branch is seeing a lot of commits on  
it's way toward 1.1. Is that still considered a stable branch? How do  
I know what CVS tag to track for a stable branch? Or Is the  
convention going to be different for each contrib author?



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