[development] Confusion by too many issue queues

Dries Buytaert dries.buytaert at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 06:41:58 UTC 2006

On 14 Nov 2006, at 20:12, Derek Wright wrote:
>> Doesn't change the fact that an issue filed against 'HEAD' will  
>> probably
>> remain in HEAD as HEAD moves forward until closed. Creating a release
>> doesn't make the bugs in head disappear. Releasing a major version
>> doesn't make the bugs in head go away.
> i still think there's value in knowing what version the bug was  
> reported against in the first place.  if we want to say "show me  
> all the still-open bugs that were submitted for 4.7.x" we still  
> can, but we'd know that those are a different class of urgency than  
> the new bugs reported for 5.x (critical vs. normal vs. minor aside).
> it's easy to query for what you want to know if you have a more  
> specific classification system.
> if you just lump everything together into something called "HEAD",  
> it's impossible to usefully filter the stuff back out again  
> depending on what you want to know.

I can't talk for the others, but I haven't had much problems with the  
filtering/querying in the old system, or with figuring out the  
version information.  Figuring out what version someone is running,  
has not been a big issue for me.

+1 for removing x.y.z and optimizing for ease of use.  5.0-dev and  
6.0-dev are useful.

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