[development] Is emailpage abandoned?

AjK drupal at f2s.com
Wed Nov 15 01:17:42 UTC 2006

> Emailpage: crufty, not as good as forward.

Lack of TLC. There exists in the patch queue an entire rewrite of the module
that's not crufty and works perfectly as advertised.

> Forward: no dependencies, works great out of the box. Could use Views

probable duplicate module, born out of neglect for emailpage

> Send: depends on CiviCRM for a bunch of tracking features.
> Hmmm...might actually require some sort of "Mail" or something as
well....I forget.

Uses CiviCRM, not worth mentioning then unless you want that installed too,
just to send a page? ;)

> So, Forward and Send (for CiviCRM users) still make sense.
> Emailpage is the bastard stepchild IMHO.

Bastard stepfather you mean, it's way older. And if it's issue queue had
been given some care I doubt Forward would have been born (so one would
presume if Dad was away, Forward is in fact the bastard child ;)

> My vote is to collapse forward and emailpage....as
> long as Forward's codebase is used, since it seems better.
> Send will likely not get changed and shouldn't be collapsed
> for those that heavily use CiviCRM.

I believe my advice to Darren was correct. Mark emailpage for retirement but
continue to support your 1000s of users (if there are any left since it's
slipped into a state of total dis-repair). But, as a responsible maintainer,
you must assume there are still users till facts dictate otherwise.

Then, Forward should begin to take it's place. By Drupal 6 (7 maybe) Forward
will have 10,000s of happy users, emailpage? zero. Erect tombstone, it was
good while it lasted ;)


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