[development] Looking forward next year and PHP versions

fago nuppla at zites.net
Thu Nov 16 14:18:45 UTC 2006

Am Mittwoch, den 15.11.2006, 02:07 -0600 schrieb Larry Garfield:
> On Wednesday 15 November 2006 01:37, Dries Buytaert wrote:
> > The only decision we can make at this point, is whether to drop PHP
> > 4.3 for Drupal 6.  As you can see on [1], 40% of the users are still
> > on PHP 4.3.  Based on that data, I'd propose not to drop PHP 4.3 at
> > this point.  Would the facts change during the Drupal 6 development
> > cycle, we can still decide to drop PHP 4.3 support.
> Yeesh.  I didn't realize how far behind hosts were in that regard.  Any idea 
> if it would be safe to require a later PHP 4.3.x (.9 or .10)?

I would also like to see php5 as requirement asap. (simpleXML and so

I don't think that php will keep security support for php4 up when php6
is out. So then, most folks will upgrade their php except some
enterprise distries as the already mentioned RHEL.

But.. as they have to stay with the old php version they would also have
to stay with the "old" drupal version, which provides php4 compability.

So if we want to support these enterprise distributions, I think we
should decide to provide security support for a release, e.g. 5.0 for a
longer time and don't impede development.


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