[development] Database Administrator

Omar Abdel-Wahab owahab at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 15:59:27 UTC 2006

Sime: I contacted him and he replied at first instantenousely then I sent  
him more info about my module but he didn't reply for about 10 days.

1. I won't release until I get a reply from Jeremy.
2. I have some features like:
  -- scheduled backups
  -- you can define multiple backup locations like:
  	-- have them sent to your e-mail
  	-- mirror your db to another mysql server to a specific db or
		create a new db for every backup
	-- stored on remote FTP
	-- a folder under files/ in your drupal
  -- you can have the module trying all possible locations until successful
	or have it sending the backup to all locations
  -- you can maintain a certain count of backups
and I donno whether database admin module is offering those features.

Awaiting your feedback.

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