[development] Is emailpage abandoned [not any more!]

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Fri Nov 17 01:10:25 UTC 2006

> >For the issue at hand, why rename forward as a module?
> because I thought that since a change was being made that the module
> that would continue to be developed (and the community at large)
> might be better served by a name that was more accurate and intuitive
> as a description for what it does.
> not a big deal, it was just a passing thought as I read the thread.

My concern is user confusion: users will ask if this is a fork, or two separate
modules. How  do I upgrade from forward to newthingamajig, ..etc.

My personal recommendation is to just rename the project node to something
that has forward and email in it e.g. "forward content by email", and
be done with it.

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