[development] RFC: letting modules phone home to check for new releases

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Sat Nov 18 17:29:59 UTC 2006

Bèr Kessels wrote:
> Op zaterdag 18 november 2006 11:44, schreef Karoly Negyesi:
>>Huh? Last I checked drupal.org/security had an RSS feed and Drupal core had
>>an aggregator which can do blocks and we have excellent control over block
> This is almost exactly what I mean. Its works now, needs no patches, no 
> modules and no develoment/. It can be done now.

Yes, but does it work for just the versions of modules you currently have on 
your site?


The RSS feed works for ALL modules. That's great. There's 500 modules and in 
general I probably care about maybe 15 or 20. That's a lot of data to sift 
through, needlessly. RSS won't let me search for data on a specific module 
(Because RSS feeds only go back so far).

What we're proposing here *is* simple, and it doesn't try to use RSS for 
something it's not actually particularly good for. If it were good for that, we 
would already have figured out a way to use it.

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