[development] RFC: letting modules phone home to check for new releases

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Sat Nov 18 17:41:37 UTC 2006

> > Huh? Last I checked drupal.org/security had an RSS feed and Drupal core had
> > an aggregator which can do blocks and we have excellent control over block
> > visibility.
> This is almost exactly what I mean. Its works now, needs no patches, no 
> modules and no develoment/. It can be done now.

Ah sorry. My mail has been misunderstood. I reacted to Adrian's mail re. security.

In overall this solution is not enough because you many modules but by far not all from contribs, so neither a per module feed or an eat-it-all feed won't suffice. So definitely we need more code in project.

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