[development] Drupal 5 installation language files

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Sat Nov 18 17:45:19 UTC 2006

On Sat, 18 Nov 2006, [ISO-8859-1] Konstantin Käfer wrote:
>> for example there is no ungzip functionality in Drupal built in, and 
>> there will be no such feature in the foreseeable feature IMHO
> I think that could be solved. phpMyAdmin is using GZip as well and I had it 
> on lots of different servers and none of them didn't allow me to 
> download/upload (g)zip files.

You mean exec()-ing gunzip?

>> Module translation imports should be done around the same lines as module 
>> database table creations go. Why import aggregator module translations if 
>> I am not going to use it? Now we don't have the tables, but will still 
>> have the translations imported. So the first point to look into is 
>> putting the PO files into the module folders per module (as the info, 
>> install and other files are there).
> Correct. Since we split up the module's tables to their install files, we 
> should do the same for language files. However, we need a good way of 
> handling this without getting too complex. Currently, a downloaded 
> translation is one big file. While this is good for importing it (you don't 
> have to upload say 20 files), it's polluting the translation tables in the 
> database.

The translation files are already split up to ease the translators work. 
They are split up in a way that is easy to put into folders. Just the 
proper folder need to be found out for each PO file (and the 
packaging script should not merge the files).

>> It is possible to package the PO files so that they have the modules 
>> folder structure, so if you unzip them into the Drupal folder, the PO 
>> files fall into their proper place (including the installer translation 
>> file).
> This may work for certain configurations, but not for all. If you copy a 
> folder "over" another, it will get replaced instead of merged on Mac OS X.

There should be an option to not replace the folder (unfortunately I 
have no day-to-day experience with macs).

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