[development] dba.module ported to 4.7.x -- patches need review

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Sun Nov 19 19:37:53 UTC 2006

On Nov 19, 2006, at 3:38 AM, Derek Wright wrote:

> unless there are major objections or someone finds problems in my  
> patches in the next 24 hours or so, i'm planning to commit  
> everything, add the branch, make a DRUPAL-4-7--1-0 release tag, and  
> create a 4.7.x-1.0 release node for it.

and just in the nick of time, jeremy resurfaced in the dba issue  
queue to review all my patches and set them to RTBC. ;)

the 4.7.x-1.0 release of dba is now out:


let the masses rejoice. ;)

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