[development] Database Administrator

Jeremy Andrews jeremy at kerneltrap.org
Mon Nov 20 17:14:24 UTC 2006

Hi Omar,

On Thu, 16 Nov 2006 17:59:27 +0200
"Omar Abdel-Wahab" <owahab at gmail.com> wrote:

> Sime: I contacted him and he replied at first
> instantenousely then I sent him more info about my module
> but he didn't reply for about 10 days.

It would appear your followup message got eaten by my spam
filter -- can you resend?  I'll be looking for it.

Derek Wright just put in a surge of effort (thank you!!) and
got the dba module fully functional with Drupal 4.7 it was
branched yesterday.  Getting it working with 5.0 is the next
step... I've personally been traveling for far too many
months, but am settling down for a few months next week and
hope to shake the dust from my long abandoned modules,
including the dba module.

> Kieran:
> 1. I won't release until I get a reply from Jeremy.
> 2. I have some features like:
>   -- scheduled backups
>   -- you can define multiple backup locations like:
>   	-- have them sent to your e-mail

The dba module does this, too.

>   	-- mirror your db to another mysql server to a
> specific db or create a new db for every backup

Interesting.  A patch for this functionality would likely be

> 	-- stored on remote FTP

Again, a patch for this functionality would likely be

> 	-- a folder under files/ in your drupal

Are you sure you want your entire database accessible like
that?  Technically you could do this with the dba module, by
setting the server backup path to within files/, but I
wouldn't recommend it.

>   -- you can have the module trying all possible locations
> until successful or have it sending the backup to all
> locations 

The dba is basically all or nothing -- check boxes for which
you want it to do.

> -- you can maintain a certain count of backups

The dba module just keeps making backups.  They have unique
timestamps, so old backups are retained.  It does not handle
cleaning up old outdated backups for you.

You can also perform live-backups.  Select one, several or
all tables and click 'backup', and a file will be instantly
streamed to your browser which you can save to your local

> and I donno whether database admin module is offering those
> features.
> Awaiting your feedback.

The biggest missing feature IMO is support for backing up
Postgres databases, at this time the backup functionality is
MySQL specific only.  Anyone who uses Postgres and is
interested in the challenge, patches would be very welcome!

The entire module could use some love -- it started as a
proof of concept and has some rather ugly code.  And I'd love
to get someone interested that could improve the user

If you decide to contribute to the project, please submit
smallish patches that each focus on only one feature or bug.
Submitting a massive patch that adds multiple features is
less likely to get a proper review, and even less likely to
be merged.


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