[development] RFC: Creating a Subscriptions API

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Wed Nov 22 06:07:47 UTC 2006

Rob Barreca wrote:
>> Just to throw another monkey into the works, the views scheduler 
>> module should be capable of notifications as well, when set up properly. 
> Oh, nice. So, a majority of content subscriptions could be done this 
> way: using Views Scheduler, along with Actions, Schedule (haven't 
> checked this out yet), Views to create subscriptions of content.
> Then, we'd want another module to allow single subscriptions to single 
> nodes, like for project issues so we could have a "(un)subscribe to this 
> %type" link for nodes.
> Then, another module to subscribe to new user registrations (think there 
> is an existing module that does this), etc.
> So I suppose Actions (maybe Schedule too) would play a big role in a 
> SubscribeAPI module.

Theoretically you could use something like views bookmark and subscribe to a 
view that includes your bookmarked nodes. With current views you could probably 
get comments and nodes (though you'd need 2 different views).

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