[development] ENOUGH!

Dries Buytaert dries.buytaert at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 17:54:44 UTC 2006

> Op donderdag 23 november 2006 10:28, schreef Karoly Negyesi:
>> Let's consider this as a new rule: before writing to devel during  
>> the code
>> freeze, you should link to an issue followup where you actually added
>> something. Consider this as a karma.
> Lets not consider this as a rule =) Great people have added great  
> stuff to
> Drupal without writing a single line of PHP, without commenting to  
> a single
> issue. The moment we are going to set rules for people to discuss  
> stuff,
> based on metrics such as committed patches, we have killed a  
> successful open
> community. Isn't it "free as in freedom"?
> If people discuss stuff on the mailinglist, such a discussion  
> proves there is
> a certain itch. Wether or not that is your personal itch should not  
> matter.
> Get yourself a mailreader that can ignore threads if it really  
> annoys you,
> but please do not try to kill a discussion just because you don't  
> like it, or
> because in your vision there are more important matters.

No need to make karma explicit.  Through our conversations and  
cooperation, we build trust and respect.  For each of you, my brain  
keeps a karma-score that is derived from our interactions.  I bet you  
a beer that your brain does the same. :)

It's actually quite simple: "you get karma when you accomplish  
things".  It doesn't get more complex than that yet people fail to  
see it.  You can accomplish things through talk, through writing or  
through coding.

What Karoly meant to say is that there are quite a few people that  
like to debate technical stuff without accomplishing technical  
things.  It doesn't buy them karma -- quite the opposite.

But most of all, Karoly meant to say that we need to focus more on  
getting Drupal 5 out, and that we could use more people working the  
bug tracker.  The people that do spend a lot of time in the issue  
tracker would love to help plan the future, and work on exciting new  
things.  For them, it's frustrating to see other people debate about  
the future without being concerned about the current.  Why?  Because  
all the talk is not likely to "accomplish" anything unless we get  
Drupal 5 out first.

At this point in the release schedule, technical talk doesn't buy you  
much karma.  So thank god my e-mail client can kill threads.  Oh, and  
sorry for being meta.  Hopefully I didn't loose too much karma with  
this mail.  I should have known better.

Anyway, I hope I clarified Karoly's words for you.

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