[development] Newbie with Drupal and Modules Development

Reynier Perez Mira rperezm at estudiantes.uci.cu
Thu Nov 23 18:11:12 UTC 2006

Hi to every in the Community:
First of all let me tell to every that I'm newbie using Drupal and developing modules for it. In my University me and a groups of student start to using Drupal for a Web Portal but we need some additional functionalities like documentation management. This special module have in the first version this:
* Allow users to upload every kind of files, maybe we need filter the .doc, .pdf, .zip and .tar.gz files
* This files need to be upload to a FTP Server
* Allow administrators admin (approve, edit info, delete) the files from the FTP
So, because I'm the Team Manager I need some information about how to develop modules (if is in Spanish better). I read some tutorials in the Drupal site but some stuff are not clear for me like permissions, access, menu, integrate admin and users and some others.
Cheers, thanks in advance and waiting for your reply
5to Ing. Informática
Maestro de poco, aprendiz de mucho

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