[development] Non module contributions

Ben Campbell ben at scumways.com
Sat Nov 25 14:13:49 UTC 2006

Hi there,
   I've written a migration tool (to import blog data from a version of 
Blojsom) which I'd like to make available to anyone who might find it 
useful. It's a php script designed to be run from the commandline.

Is the contributions/tricks/ directory the sort of place I should put 
this tool, or should I just be hosting it on my own website?

It's a tool with pretty limited scope (it does what I needed it to do 
but no more). So my motivation is to just make sure anyone planning a 
similar migration can see a previous effort and maybe use it as a 
starting point, rather than provide a complete off-the-shelf tool which 
will "Just Work" (tm).


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