[development] standard dotinfo file "package" classification

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Sat Nov 25 17:04:51 UTC 2006

Angela Byron wrote:
>> Is there a list somewhere that I can make more visible? Or do i  need 
>> to start
>> one, and in that case, are there some (de-facto) standards that I  
>> missed?
> I think making one would be a good idea.
> I've done a grep of contrib-head:  http://drupal.pastecode.com/8783
> Here are the de-facto standards:
> - Modules that extend a particular "parent" module, such as CCK,  Views, 
> Organic Groups, etc. use the "parent" module's name as the  package. I 
> think you'd use this when your module would basically be  completely 
> useless on its own without said parent module.
> - Modules that are not useless on their own tend to be classified by  
> their function, such as Voting, Development, etc. There doesn't  appear 
> to be any standardization here, but it probably makes sense  for the 
> Drupal.org category name and package name to match.

Here is the standard I wrote for the update modules page:

If you assign a package string for your module, on the admin/build/modules page 
it will be listed with other modules with the same category. If you do not 
assign one, it will simply be listed as 'Uncategorized'. Not assigning a 
package for your module is perfectly ok; in general packages are best used for 
modules that are distributed together or are meant to be used together.

If there are developers who put just their module's name as the package, then 
we definitely need to do something and try to correct this behavior, as that's 
not really how things should work for most modules. And if we want to create a 
list of standard groupings, that's perfectly fine too, but it needs to be easy 
to find.

Let's create a page on this in the Module Developer's section and get this 
information into it.

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