[development] opinions needed

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Mon Nov 27 03:49:30 UTC 2006

Bèr Kessels wrote:
> Op zondag 26 november 2006 16:17, schreef Karoly Negyesi:
>>There is no coding or reviewing required. I am just asking for opinions on
> I'd like to say something about the way this issue is handled. 
> I am fiddling with a 5.0. Fiddling beyond installing and adding some "lorem 
> ipsums". I converted some old sites to 5, and tested my new admin theme on 
> the new platform. I found a "thing" that behaved really weird. I managed to 
> get empty (!=blank) pages without doing anything really weird. My brain then 
> adds 1 and 2 and calls this "a critical bug".
> Whether or not it was meant to be that way is not really an issue there. The 
> fact that very busy developers tell me to "shut te F up" in words like "I am 
> sick of this. I will begin committing my code to the 6.x branch. Out." 
> astonishes me. And it worries me, not because of myself, I have a thick skin 
> and I can defend mysels :). but by the fact that by reporting an issue as 
> critical, I undeliberately managed to annoy the S out of some developer(s). I 
> don't want to annoy the S out of developers, I'd like to 
> help-them-help-Drupal(-help-me). 
> For me the (probably invalid) feeling was: I found a way to break Drupal, lets 
> fix it, lets spend some time on making this at the least weird behaviour.
> Thsi is a meta post. But I get the feeling we certainly need to patch the 
> behaviour of ourselves at times, else we continue with this --at times-- 
> rather grim atmosphere. I was rather shocked by the anwsers in that issue.
> I am sincerely sorry if I stepped on toes of developers by calling this a 
> critical issue. I am sorry if I got it all wrong by breaking something and 
> reporting that, only to find that it was not broken at all (classical case 
> of "its not a bug its a feature). But I would like to know how we can avoid 
> all this frustration and these harsh words in the future. 
> So hereby my aplogies, eventhough I don't really know what went wrong :)

I think chx has been frustrated with bugfixing lately, and he is impatient for 
a release so he can move on to 6. I understand your frustration there, and I 
also sympathize with chx. I don't have a really good response other than to say 
that I don't think chx' frustration was really even about that issue, but I'd 
say he's overworked himself a little bit and hasn't gotten to work on anything 
fun for a little bit because he really wants to get this release out.

This is an interesting effect of our model: We work on what interests us. But 
what happens when there are uninteresting things that must be done before 
progress can be made. We get frustrated people. =)

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