[development] Any way to get a poll? Drupal 5.0 Default theme.

Johan Forngren johan at forngren.com
Tue Oct 3 18:45:49 UTC 2006

Hm, I like both. IMO istyledthis is more eye-candy but themes feels more
like a good default theme. Istyledthis is a bit to simplistic. Great work
both though!

2006/10/3, Trae McCombs <traemccombs at gmail.com>:
> It would be nice if we could figure out which way we are currently wanting
> to go with things.
> While the theme @ http://themes.net/  isn't finished yet [Waiting to find
> out if Dries thinks we are on the right track], I would like to find out
> what people think about the current direction of the two themes:
> http://istyledthis.nl   vs.   http://themes.net/
> I've posted a poll on themes.net, but I wonder if it would be good to have
> an "official" poll somewhere.
> This isn't meant to be a divisive thing, but more to see where people
> are.  I'm sure Steef will post his comments on the state of his theme, so
> please allow for that feedback.  [Steef, If you create an account on
> themes.net I can give you admin access if there is something you need to
> post]
> Currently, the Deliciously Zen theme is only set to work @ a fixed
> position, but of course the fluid one will be fixed along with other
> details.  Farsheed and I (and others) will work to make sure it's something
> we can hopefully mostly all be proud of. :)
> Let the voting begin!
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>     Trae McCombs || http://occy.net/
>   Founder - Themes.org // Linux.com
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