[development] Any way to get a poll? Drupal 5.0 Default theme.

Trae McCombs traemccombs at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 14:29:25 UTC 2006

On 10/4/06, inkfree press <inkfree at gmail.com> wrote:
> However (yes, there's a however), there is a strange tone creeping into
> this
> discussion. I "read" that tone as one of unhealthy "me versus you"
> competition and not an open, impartial dialog about what "theme"
> (arggh...template!) is best for Drupal users.  Key word: Users.

There are good things such as healthy competition.   The idea behind the
"battle royale" was a take on the silly wrestling matches that go on.
Wow... can't people have a little bit of fun?  I in no way meant to be

> Your reply seems a bit combative and and just a bit coercive toward "your"
> theme.  [Or, Farsheed's theme, IIRC.]

As I said above, it was a toungue in cheek reference, not being combative.

I think the community will win either way, if it's Farsheeds theme, or
Steefs.  It doesn't matter to me.  I am simply taking  what I saw as a lack
of progress and trying to help things go  forward.  If I am getting in the
way of said progress, I'll gladly disengage in what I'm doing.  I was only
trying to help.

> What I'm trying to ascertain is, which should be the default theme.
> Why are you trying to ascertain this?  Why don't you allow the community
> to
> ascertain this, based on what they see (and not what they hear that they
> will see in the future)?

To get something moving forward.  Aren't we on a short time frame?

I am not sure, Trae, that you can be a neutral, impartial advocate for the
> will of the community (or Dries).  It seems clear -- from your
> "battle"-based web site and your comments -- that you have already
> "ascertained" what you want, and that is the theme you are helping with.


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