[development] Any way to get a poll? Drupal 5.0 Default theme.

inkfree press inkfree at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 14:54:04 UTC 2006

"Trae McCombs" wrote:

>> However (yes, there's a however), there is a strange tone creeping into
>> this
>> discussion. I "read" that tone as one of unhealthy "me versus you"
>> competition and not an open, impartial dialog about what "theme"
>> (arggh...template!) is best for Drupal users.  Key word: Users.
> There are good things such as healthy competition.

"This war is unjust."

"Well, there can be just wars."

Okay. And.   8-/

Yes, of course there is "healthy competition".  I said only that the kind of
creeping tone that I was cautioning against seems to be trending toward the
unhealthy variety of said "competition".

> I am simply taking  what I saw as a lack of progress and trying to help things
> go  forward.  If I am getting in the way of said progress, I'll gladly
> disengage in what I'm doing.

This, also, does not follow.  I did not say "you" were getting in the way of
progress, per se.  I said that the addition of any suggestion of "me versus
you" lobbying does not serve the Drupal community of first-timers -- the
target audience for whatever is shown first on the screen.

It's great that you are energizing movement on a new choice.  I only urge
that, at all times, you do not let your desire to help things go forward, or
your desire to be validated for your efforts, outweigh the primary goal --
which is the ease of entry to and success of Drupal among first-time
installing users.

You're doing a fine job, Trae. (I know it's a little like drinking vinegar
to hear some stranger's comments about your work, when you believe you've
worked selflessly. Just watch the balance, keep your eyes on the prize, and
rest assured that people are giving your work a very fair review...which I
think they are...warts and all.)


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