[development] Themes - Trying to do too much in one theme?

adrian rossouw adrian at bryght.com
Wed Oct 4 16:02:32 UTC 2006

On 04 Oct 2006, at 5:31 PM, Michelle Cox wrote:

> 1) The out-of-the-boxer. This user just wants to set up a site and  
> use the theme that's there. Maybe change the colours, but that's  
> it. For this user, a very pretty eye-candy theme is great.  
> Everything should be styled and it should just work with all browsers.

way ahead of you. I am in the process of developing a contrib module  
built exactly for this.

The Istyledthis theme was built from the ground up to use this module :

Before picking a new colour :

New colour picked, before submission, check preview :

After hitting change colour :

Colour schemes already mathematically generated for use in stylesheet  
templates :

Working on making it a more generic api that other themes can  
support, but it really does help
a LOT that the theme was built for this.

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