[development] Themes - Trying to do too much in one theme?

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Wed Oct 4 20:18:30 UTC 2006

Chiming in.

IMO a theme is not just a look. But mostly a 'feel'. The *only* way to get 
the 'feeling' good is to make a  theme for a specific need. 

There is absolutely no way that anyone can make a good theme for a protal site 
about Beer, that works on a Muslim blog, stil runs well as the professional 
theme for a doctors practice, and also suits the needs of thousands of 
kiddies that want a blog about pocahontas and their newest playstation five. 

If you make a theme for a blog,it will look brilliant on the default bog, but 
it will fall apart on any more advanced grassroots community site. 

IMO we should focus. Make themes that work for one case, forget about 
Drupal-for-no-one-in-particular. Forget about all these silly options in 
theme setting. Forget about the option to turn on or off the 'submitted by' 
settings on certain node types. On a brochure-ware site you never ever 
want 'submitted by' on /any/ page. On a personal blog you want 'submitted on' 
not 'by' (its all 'submitted by SuperUser', why bother.) Just make the stuff 
the way people need it in a certain case.

Make good themes for certain cases, and be clear about the case they were for, 
and don't try to be for 'nothing in particular'. Because then you end up with 
a theme that is not 'for not one case in particular' but instead 'never 
really good, for anyone, at all'.

Just my shot. 

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