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Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Thu Oct 5 08:52:18 UTC 2006

Op donderdag 5 oktober 2006 05:51, schreef Khalid B:
> - naggregator is the earliest one. It is 4.6 only at present, even in
> - aggregator2 had a lot of momentum earlier this year, and is 4.7
> compatible but not branched for 4.7 so far.
> - aggregator_node is the latest one. No branch for 4.7 yet.
> Now, for someone who wants to setup a site using a feed -> node feature,
> using Drupal 4.7.x, I am looking for first hand experience on pros and cons
> of each of the above solution, as well as the future direction for each.
> Feedback appreciated ...

Please start here: 

Its meant to be a feedparsting lib, that can be used by any modyule to do 
anything. Including making nodes from items and feeds :)

I meant to rewrite naggregator to use this lib, the foudation of the lib comes 
from naggregator.

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