[development] Why Drupal 5.x must have built-in WYSIWYG Editor?

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Fri Oct 6 08:44:01 UTC 2006

Why Drupal 5.x must have built-in WYSIWYG Editor?
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Drupal-id.com - October 6, 2006 - 07:18

I am a web developer with long experience in PHP Nuke, OpenPHP, and 
Mambo/Joomla. After take a deep look at the Drupal source code and coding that 
available on TinyMCE and FCKEditor module, I can say that next Drupal version 
must has a builtin WYSIWYG Editor. Please CMIIW, but read my reasons first 
before you have different opinion:

1. Both TinyMCE and FCKEditor only find <textarea> then translate to their 
editor interface.
   Then how to avoid certain Textarea not converted? The anwer is not possible. 
  TinyMCE does only disable editor on certain page and FCkEditor will work if 
  textarea >= n rows.

  The real case is disknode module. When you set disnode to allow more than 1 
file per disknode
  then the <textarea> of file upload list will converted to Editor. Currently, 
you can disable the
  <textarea> on this page but the <textarea> for type description of disknode 
will be disabled too.
  You may say, that you can enable the rich-editor-toggle, but you can't set 2 
default value:
  the description using Editor and the file upload list using <textarea>.

2. A best solution, IMHO, is provide a function in Drupal to call the Editor.
    This Editor() function simply call the ediitor if available, but if no 
editor installed
    then Editor() uses <textarea>.

What are the advantages if Drupal has Editor() function?
1. Developer like me, will be easier to create module that need both Editor and 
    in same page/block
2. We can extend the User Administration: adding capability to select which 
default editor for
    each users. We can set that default editor for user is: none (mean using 
textarea), TinyMCE,
    HTMLArea, FCKEditor or any editor that installed by third party modules.
3. Easier for community website which contain people that aren't not familiar 
with HTML tag
4. Easier for blogging site, since blogger usually a person with limited website 
    such as journalist, teacher, employee or doctor
5. At the rest, Drupal will no doubt called as the killer CMS. This will add 
more powerful to
    Drupal, the best CMS that I love. 

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