[development] Logging of IRC Channels?

Michelle Cox mcox at charter.net
Mon Oct 9 13:57:17 UTC 2006

On 10/9/2006 8:48:41 AM, Morbus Iff (morbus at disobey.com) wrote:
> Because there's
> a big difference between not archiving something
> entirely ("I will not archive Michelle's website") and modifying the
> archive
> ("I will search and replace all text in which Michelle said
> this."). One
> is a blanket all or nothing. Another is a modification of a
> whole -- if one is willing to do that, the entire integrity of the
> archive comes into question in regards to what was changed but was NOT
> disclosed to the viewer.

Yes, I suppose my example was a bad one since they wouldn't edit another 
page which contained a link to mine. Too early for arguing. :P

At any rate, I think my original point still stands. In general, if a 
regular channel member posts something that came from IRC, they would be 
willing to listen to reasonable requests to remove something. There are 
always, of course, exceptions, and I suspect you'd be disappointed not to be 
one of them. ;)

Anyway, I think we've taken up enough of the dev list with this. I'm not 
going to post anymore about it. If someone wants to keep discussing, you can 
find me on IRC. :)


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