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Hi Everyone -

jQuery 1.0.2 is now ready for consumption! This release is a huge bug
fix release - and it is highly recommended that you upgrade right
away. As always, if you spot a bug, please add it to the bug tracker.

In addition to having a better test suite, a big push for this release
was to have better cross-browser compatibility for common tasks (such
as AJAX operations). Functionally, however, no major features have
been added to this release (although, expect some new code come 1.1).

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to Jörn
Zaefferer. Much of this release was made possible by him. He's
responsible for completely overhauling the test suite (it now has over
260+ tests!) and for fixing the majority of the current bugs and
enhancements (over 60 of them!). If you want someone to thank for this
release, it should be him.

  * jQuery 1.0.2

  * jQuery 1.0.2 Compressed

Thanks, everyone, for your support.


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