[development] Remote usability sprint October 27th-29th

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Wed Oct 11 23:22:20 UTC 2006

Hello, the third remote usability sprint is upon on us and I am going  
to be leading an effort to conduct user experience testing of Drupal  
5.0 with remote users around the world.  The event will take place at  
Google headquarters in Mountain View.


The goal is to teach developers how to conduct remote user experience  
testing and get good user experience feedback for Drupal 5.0 and  
beyond.   In particular, we will use the 1700+ results of the Drupal  
administration survey to help create new designs for focus areas  
identified by the survey.

1) I am looking for core developers to participate remotely.  e.g.  
I'll watch Drupal administrators use Drupal and make notes, mock-up  
suggested improvements, and file issues.
2) I am looking for volunteers to set up remote user experience  
testing stations.  e.g. I'll set up remote streaming video and skype  
casts on a computer so that Drupal developers can do direct  
observation of Drupal administrators while I supervise.
3) I am looking for volunteers to review videos of Drupal  
administrators using Drupal and file issues, produce mock-ups, and  
make notes.


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