[development] install should optionally create the database

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> Agree. The core dev must understand that many repeating 
> thread come from their 
> self! why not give us a clear view of:
> 1. roadmap, and
> 2. what drupal will support, and
> 3. what drupal won't support
> i.e: I come from PHPNuke, Mambo and Joomla. Most of my 
> clients agree that Drupal 
> is better and powefull but more difficult to install and 
> administer. so, as new 
> dev we only can give suggestion while we try to learn Drupal 
> as deep as possible 
> (and take longer time because there is no comprehensive 
> handbook for creating 
> complex module, the example in the handbook is too simple, I 
> need a handbook 
> like VB .Net Manual Book).
> now, when core dev tell us (as a new developer) what is 
> Drupal: roadmap, what 
> will support and what won't support??? if Drupal official 
> site say: Drupal will 
> not support creating database during installation, please 
> read this discussion. 
> Then, no one will ask this again over and over. This will 
> save our time (as new 
> dev), save core dev time and save much email space. 


Short version.  The roadmap is what people who contribute code
(themselves or pay others) work on.  Carry through the patch.  Discuss
and refine as the development cycle progresses through freeze.

To know and understand the current Development trends, there is no
substitute for involvement and / or auditing of the Drupal development
list which takes time.  We do not have a dedicated person/volunteer to
substitute for an equivelent kernel trap site as the Linux kernel
project does.

There is a synopsis list site somewhere.  And someone will link to it
but it is still in it's early stages.  There is also the devlopment list
archives which are searchable.

To understand the direction Drupal is going it is important for people
to check out the project mission.  This is the very first link you will
find on the handbooks page on Drupal.org

This will help get you started on the project direction.
> http://drupal.org/mission
> http://drupal.org/principles

Also, common misunderstanding.  There is no 'core dev' group.  There are
active and involved developers who work pretty much on core code.  There
are those core module maintainers which are responsible for certain core
modules.  But there isn't a core dev team per se. 

This is also covered under the above link here:
> http://drupal.org/node/21778

I hope these links help clear up some confusion.


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