[development] Usability: module idea

Walt Daniels wdlists at optonline.net
Sat Oct 14 15:29:44 UTC 2006

>I for one, as a WinXP user, have trained myself to instinctively click the
"Don't Send" button whenever I see this message. My instinct will no doubt
carry over to any such message that makes it into Drupal.

I have mixed feelings on this. Just a few days ago I started getting what
appeared to be a severe error on XP while booting. I clicked on the Send
button and got back a screen saying this is a known rare problem with a fix,
click here to get the fix. Completely painless. If others had not clicked on
send they may not have known about the problem and had a fix ready. 

However this situation does not apply directly to Drupal as there is nothing
the user can fix on his machine to make the problem go away. At best Dupal
will now know about the problem and fix it. Eventually the website the user
was using will upgrade Drupal and get the fix.  So using it during beta
testing sounds good as we know the website will be updated to the real
release. If you want to continue with such an error response during stable
releases, the message should go to the webmaster of the site (probably needs
a configuration item). I would hope that what ever gets sent has enough
information to make it possible to identify the bug. 

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