[development] hooks after hook_menu CALLBACKS called, but before page rendered

Rob Barreca rob at electronicinsight.com
Thu Oct 19 05:46:14 UTC 2006

So this hook is the equivalent of an 'alter' (hook_nodeapi('alter'), 
hook_link_alter(), hook_form_alter()).  Meaning it would be a 
hook_breadcrumb_alter() of some sorts? Moshe, was there an issue for 
your similar request?

Rob Roy Barreca
Founder and COO
Electronic Insight Corporation
rob at electronicinsight.com

_craig wrote:
>> You could always do it in template.php. 
> Thanks for the suggestion!  I hadn't thought of that.  However, I am really
> trying to keep everything encapsulated in a module without requiring users
> of the module to change a theme or patch core.  
> I did have one thought but quickly discounted it figuring it would make for
> REALLY ugly hack:
> 1. Give the taxonomy_breadcrumb module a weight such that it's hook_menu
> gets called last.
> 2. Access the global menu object (hack!) and overwrite each callback with my
> own (hack!!).  I'd make the first callback argument the "real" callback
> function's name and use arguments 2 - N+1 to contain the original N
> arguments used by the original callback.
> 3. In my callback that would ALWAYS get called, I'd then look at the first
> argument to find the "real" callback to call, and then pass the rest on to
> the function indicated by the first.  Following return to my callback
> function I'd then be able to do whatever I wanted to the page and be assured
> I was the last to have control of the breadcrumbs (and anything else on the
> page).
> Perhaps it would be better to try and get a new hook put into core?  Being
> relatively new to drupal I'm not sure of the process or historical context
> of adding hooks to core.  Do I simply write an issue and submit a patch--now
> or after 5.0 is released?  Do I need to drum up support for it?
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