[development] Slight API change in 4.6.10 and 4.7.4

Heine Deelstra hdeelstra at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 11:51:11 UTC 2006

The 4.6.10 and 4.7.4 releases saw the addition of a new default form
field to protect against cross site request forgeries.

This has consequences for

1. 4.6 modules and themes that output raw HTML forms

Those forms will always fail for authenticated users.

2. 4.7 modules and themes that rely on a defined set of form fields to
be present

Certain modules and themes output only specific form fields. As they
do not output the form_token, the form will always fail validation for
authenticated users.

In addition, certain modules unset a few form fields, then save the
remainder of the form. These modules need to account for the new
field. Tip: devise something robust.

See for details:

Converting 4.6.9 modules to 4.6.10 <http://drupal.org/node/90004>
Converting 4.7.3 modules to 4.7.4 <http://drupal.org/node/89999>

Converting 4.6.x themes to 4.6.10 <http://drupal.org/node/90021>
Converting 4.7.x themes to 4.7.4 <http://drupal.org/node/90024>

Kind regards,

Heine Deelstra

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