[development] Update on 5.0 core themes

Stefan Nagtegaal Drupal-Devel at iStyledThis.nl
Fri Oct 20 16:16:33 UTC 2006

Op 20-okt-2006, om 12:18 heeft Frando (Franz Heinzmann) het volgende  

> Just FYI:
> the bluebreeze theme is based on the html source of the zen theme  
> (slightly modified). So it can serve the same puropses as the zen  
> theme (= be a good base for a new theme to develop).
> <snip>...</snip>
> Of course I'm biased as I'm the main developer of the bluebreeze  
> theme, but IMHO it would still be a good default theme, as it is a  
> good source for new themes (zen structure), it has a quite unique  
> style, a liquid and fixed width version and from a usability point  
> of view it serves the purpose of an administration theme quite good  
> IMO.
First of all, if a theme looks good is a matter of personal opinion  
and I'm not going to argue here wether your theme should make it into  
core or because it is - by your words - good looking. But what I am  
interested in, is why you say this: "from a usability point of view  
it serves the purpose of an administration theme quite good IMO".
Can you elaborate on that? Why do you think that *your* theme is  
doing a better job as the administration theme, than the current ones  
we have in core, or "Delicously Zen/Blue/whatever-its-called" or  

I'm not trying to be unpolitefull, but after some looks at your theme  
i think:
- it's not very spectacular from a designers point of view;
- i don't see in any aspect why it is made/optimised from a usability  
point of view (this is btw not your fault, but drupals);

And besides that, I feel pretty uncomfortable that it's based on the  
themetastic colourscheme, and you took the icons *I* made for  
themetastic and included them into your theme without *any* way of  
letting me at least know about it. (Seems to me the least thing you  
could do).

Kind regards,

Main developer of ThemeTastic (which isn't based on any other theme  
at all, because I _do_ have inspiration)

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