[development] Question regarding sort and order parameters?

Tue Oct 24 19:15:26 UTC 2006

Hi!  I asked this a while ago in the forums, but nobody seems to have  
responded, so I thought (unless this isn't an appropriate venue?)  
that I would re-ask it here, in the hopes of someone having an answer...

I'm working on a module which lists the profile information of users  
in one table.  The list can be searched, sorted, and different  
columns can be displayed.  Right now, I'm using the "tablesort_sql"  
stuff to handle the sorting.  I use a GET form to display and search  
parameters around, so that when the sorting is done, it retains the  
display and search options.  However, I can't find some way to make  
the forms retain the sorting information.  The "sort" and "order"  
parameters, which are added by the tablesort_sql / table stuff, get  
lost when I submit a form with any changes.  If I try preserving the  
values in the form, so that they get resubmitted, they get saved as  
"edit['sort']" and "edit['order']", which isn't what I want.

Is there some way for me to preserve extra query parameters which are  
not a part of the edit array?


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