[development] Drupal Modules and Linux Distros

Boerland, Bert bert.boerland at getronics.com
Wed Oct 25 11:59:23 UTC 2006

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> To be honest, I can't really see the point in providing Drupal with a  
> Linux distribution. 

The reason why I dont compile my own programs anymore and use a package management tool has nothing to do with my lack of skills to do a ./configure. The reason people prefer packages is because they can use repositories and most of all; they have a single point to update their software to a stable version that is secure. 

When you [design|maintain|sell] lots of hosts, you dont want operations to compile a new version for every leak sendmail has (let alone run sendmail :-), you want to trust the distro to do regression testing, patch and update within a release.

Now Drupal isnt the same as a compiled program and a Drupal install does have dependecies within the installed modules which might not all be in the repository  (homegrown, patched etc), but having *one* single point where you can trust that the latest and greatest vanilla version is available is something we need IMHO.

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