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Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Wed Oct 25 15:55:06 UTC 2006

Op woensdag 25 oktober 2006 14:57, schreef Konstantin Käfer:
> > I am saying this, because the flamewar against packageers should  
> > stop here and
> > now. We, Drupal, should help packagers.
> I really didn't mean to start a flamewar against packageers (I am  
> using a packaging system (Fink) for software as well) and I value  
> their work.

No, I know, I wasn't referring to this particular thread but to the one 
against fantastico on Drupal.org, digg et al. 

I am of the opinion that we, Drupal are just as much to blame for that 
fantastico disaster as fantastico. By offering a good, standardised 
deployment strategy and framework this would not have happened. 

There is no standard yet, but I have a feeling that capistrano might grow big 
enough to become such a deployment standard. At least, I am not aware of any 
OSS standard that can be used for standard software (CMS) deployment. If you 
nkow any, please let me know :)

For those interested in a good deployment system, please chime in at 
http://groups.drupal.org/node/1461 and see if you can be of help by making a 
capistrano recipe.

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