[development] Documenting contribs

Michelle Cox mcox at charter.net
Wed Oct 25 17:26:55 UTC 2006

I recently looked through the entire list of contrib modules and there's 
some cleanup needed.

* Shorter teasers so the download page isn't so huge
* Some modules still need tagging
* Modules that are similar could use "See also's"
* Also, there are a lot of modules that aren't documented in the handbook

A thread on the support list went a bit off topic and I asked there what 
module maintainers think of having someone changing their project pages. I 
got one response that the maintainer would like to be notified first. I 
decided to put this on the dev list and start a new topic to get more 
thoughts on this. If you maintain modules and have a bit of time (yeah, 
right, eh? ;) could you take a look at your modules and see if the project 
pages could use a little work? If you don't have the time, do you object to 
someone else doing it? I'm willing to email maintainers before touching 
their pages if that's what's wanted.

I also could use some help with this project. I've been saying I'm going to 
do it for over a week and haven't done it. Good intentions and all that... 
:) If someone wants to help, we could each tackle a part of the alphabet and 
then it wouldn't be such a daunting task.  I'm also looking for any 
review/comparisons between modules to add to the handbook. If you've had to 
decide between similar modules and are able to write up your decision making 
progress, let me know.



PS: Do you think this should be crossposted to the doc list? It is 
doc-oriented, but I needed to put it where maintainers would see it. I don't 
like crossposting unless people think it's warranted.

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