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Michelle Cox mcox at charter.net
Wed Oct 25 18:53:24 UTC 2006

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> while we're at it, can we fix another annoying problem: use of <h2>  tags 
> in project teasers makes the download pages really confusing.   for 
> example, check out:

Yeah, that was part of my "shorter teaser" point in my head... Just didn't 
make it into my post.

> a) seems like we don't need that much info in the project teaser,  anyway, 
> and you shouldn't need any <h*> tags to organize your teaser

I agree.

> b) i could change theme_project_summary() to do something other than  an 
> <h2> for the project titles in these summary pages.  however, by 
> convention, it seems like we use an <h2> as the title when displaying  a 
> list of nodes.

I like the H2 as the title. If we get rid of them in the teasers, it makes 
scanning easier.

Here's what I'd like to see on the module download page (A wishlist... some 
of this may not be doable with the current system):

* Across the top, alpha links to jump down the page.
* Project titles with H2 as they are now
* Across the top of each project, off to the right, a list of its tags
* Short, no more than a few lines, summary of what the module does. Not just 
the first few lines of the description, but an actual short summary. No 
formatting other than bold if really needed.
* Under the description, a line for dependencies and a line for see alsos.

I need to get my son down for a nap... Will be away from the computer for a 
while now.


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