[development] Documenting contribs

inkfree press inkfree at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 20:25:30 UTC 2006

"Michelle Cox" wrote:

> * Shorter teasers so the download page isn't so huge * Some modules still need
> tagging
> * Modules that are similar could use "See also's"
> * Also, there are a lot of modules that aren't documented in the handbook

> A thread on the support list went a bit off topic

> I also could use some help with this project.

I had not had a chance to reply yet to the request for assistance (esp.
regarding the "related modules" stuff) you made on the support list.  I did
bring up some of the "see also" need that I think could be helpful, and so I
should volunteer. ;)  [Okay, I do volunteer. I'm not sure exactly what you
would like, so let me know.]

You mention here the excessive length of some module description entries,
which is very valid.  Also, some of them contain flat-out advertisements for
services, which I think should be a "no no" in any case.  They do need to be
edited and to be standardized somewhat -- else no real comparison can be
made efficiently.

So, regarding editing those entries as well as offering some notes on
cross-listing [See Also: Module X, Y, Z] or cross-explaining [Module X does
similarly, except that...], I'm okay with devoting some time to this task.
(I had already decided that the best place for me to contribute is in the
Docs area, and I think this is related to that issue, so I believe I can be
useful on this chore.)


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