[development] input formats

zis zis at beiruter.com
Wed Oct 25 20:41:11 UTC 2006

Hey everyone,

This is my first contribution to the list; i have a porpostion i want to 
make, it would be nice to have it included..

I think an important feature that should be available, is to be able to 
assign input formats by node types. Let me give you an example,

let's say we have a site with a forum section and a stories section.. 
all members can submit stories and post in the forum.
I want the posts in the forum to have bbcode and other filters.. let's 
say an input format called "Forum posts"
On the other hands i want the stories to be submitted with the "Filtered 
HTML" filter..

There currently is no way of assigning input formats to node types..

It shouldn't be too difficult to implement. Each content type 
configuration page can have a section with a filter selection and 

and there would be a overall site default that could be overridden by 
the content type specific filters...

I hope i made my self clear.. waiting for your feedback.


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